This blog post is co-authored by Caio Soares, Frank Wisniewski, Sumanth Venkatasubbaiah, Karthik Prakash, and Abhishek Jain.

Cloud computing has tremendously improved developer productivity.

For example, today it’s possible to deploy a 10TB in-memory database in minutes in the cloud compared to months, if not years, on premise. At Intuit, the convenience and nearly unlimited scalability of an in-memory database like Amazon Elasticache Redis has been game-changing for calculating stateful features in a cost-effective way.

In this blog, I’d like to share four lessons learned from our experience that might benefit any company considering making the same move.

The Challenge

Pankaj Rastogi

Pankaj Rastogi is a Staff Software Engineer at Intuit with 10+ years of experience in building frameworks for Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines.

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